Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Best surprise party ever!

Coming up is the anniversary of one of the best surprise parties ever! Let me set the the scene for you. In the below post I talk about the Wooster Rotary Auction. I go every year and stay till the bitter end. I like to see how much things go for. Last year I was 8 months pregnant with my first and only child little Sara Marie. My plan was to get a dry sink and turn it into a changing table for the baby. On the first day a lovely dry sink came up. I bid on it and it went for over $200.00. I couldn't justify paying that much for it so I let it go. Besides I had a different one to bid on the next day and I was hoping to get that one.

The next day arrives and I feel like crap. I got up and told Eric I wasn't feeling all that well and thought about just staying home but our fiends were coming down for the auction so I thought I better go. Plus I really wanted that dry sink. So off I went and I waited for my loving husband to arrive later after he was done at work. Showing up late, very late I might add, he finally made it there before my auction for the dry sink came up. What he didn't know was I had planned a surprise of my own. To buy him something he always wanted to replace from his childhood. A Pinchinco game. I won it and was so excited to show him. He arrived sweating, and out of breath. I asked him if he was alright and he said, "Yes. I just had a bunch of running around to do." I showed him the game and I became the coolest person in the world that day.

Little did I know the reason why he was late and sweaty. He was helping to plan a big surprise Baby Shower for me. At some point I had expected a baby shower to be thrown for me by the coolest BFF around Ms. Trixie Ray. However, I had expected to be told about it ahead of time. This is when my Husband, BFF, Andy, Shannon deuce, and Kevin decide to through a surprise baby shower. Throw me off my guard.

My husband had been asked strange questions when he arrived at the auction like, "Is the football in play?" or "Is the notebook orange?" I didn't think anything of it mainly because my friends are just plan strange to begin with. At one point my husband said he needed to call his Dad on the cell phone which I thought, "Why? It is almost over."Then my dry sink came my in the cue. Eric said he would bid because of my loss of the other the night before and he knew I was upset about it. Pregnant remember!? Anyway, we got up there and I told him, "If it goes to high stop bidding. I will stop hitting your leg when it gets to high." The dry sink went up to $200.00, I stop hitting but he kept going. AHHHHH! I later found out that he got it because there were people in our house and they were all waiting on us to get there. My plan was to bid on something different down the list if I didn't get the dry sink and Eric couldn't take that chance. After we won and paid for the item Eric said to me, "I need to eat. Also i don't want someone to steal my Pinchinco game." I thought to myself, "No one is going to steal your damn Pinchinco game." I wanted to stay but I relented and we went home. I followed Eric home and noticed a bunch of cars parked on the road. I thought, "Wow, someone must be having a party." Eric parked and was running up the sidewalk with his game in hand and I thought, "What the hell dude! And you were worried about someone stealing it and here you are running with it!?" I pulled into the garage and this is when the fun starts.

I went up to the door, put the key in, and the door opened. My first thought was "Oh my God Eric didn't lock the door!" Then it went to,"I hear voices, Who is in my house and Oh God don't take my TiVo!" The lights were on and I walled in to confront the people in my house! That's when "Surprise!" The pictures below are the first pics of me walking into the house.

I can truly say for the first time in my life I was speechless. I am never speechless, ever! I couldn't talk for a good full 15 minutes. This whole time Eric was calling the house and letting them know we were late, then we had left, and finally, "To the people in my house, we are here. Hide!" Andy and Kevin almost didn't make it for the big reveal because they went to the store for beer and went through red lights to make it back in time. What a cleaver deception.

All I can say is, I have wonderful friends, a loving husband, the coolest BFF, and a $225.00 changing table. I am truly blessed.

Auction time again!

As many of you know it is time to go to the Wooster Rotary Auction in Wooster, Ohio. this auction is frickin' big! Hundreds of stuff to bid on. The Wooster Rotary hold this auction to help raise money for the community and it has become a look forward to event for many years now. Here is a link to the auction and a list of all the items being sold.
This year we are selling some items that I got at the auction and simply no longer have room for or have replaced through the years. My husband is even selling some of his comic books. 2 great big boxes full of books. I am hoping for some good money from our fine items. We are selling a wooden rocking chair, 5 kitchen chairs, a lovely round table, and the comic books. However, any money I make will more then likely go towards the buying of new things.

My husband also has a pension for buying strange and unusual things. One year it was a small cheese box with a jingle Santa and a Canadian Mountie in it. He was so proud of that purchase. The best story is of my friend Marni. After a screwed up attempt at buying a rocking chair for herself, she was bound and determined to buy a small child's rocking chair for her son. The time came around the end of the auction and she stood up, got in view, and started to bid. Unfortunately she was bidding against a dealer and the price had sored to a high 100 dollars. Once she had won the bid she cried in a determined and stern voice, "405!" The high light of the auction. As she went to pay for the chair the people bidding against her thought she was a dealer and was jacking the price up. They soon realized after watching Marni's son standing on the chair that she was indeed not a dealer. They apologized. She still ended up paying $100 for the chair. Afterwards she put her hand to her check and said, " I just bought a chair for $100.00 for a 3 year old. He'll probably break tomorrow." It lasted a little longer then that but not by much.

We have a few new people coming in for the auction this year. Here is hoping they get auction fever too. After all there might be whale vertebra again this year to bid on!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In honor of St. Patty's day

In honor of St. Patty's Day I made this Irish over dress last year. The black linen has wonderful embroidered shamrocks all over it in kelly green. I thought a kelly green skirt would look perfect under this dress. I had a hard time selling this dress. I really loved it. If I ever come across this fabric again I am so buying. This time I will make a dress for myself. :-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

when will Lee make a new post

Missing (in) Action

So I have checked in on Lee's blog every once and awhile and nothing new has appeared on her blog. Now I know Lee reads this blog and the other various people I have linked at the side of this blog so I am hoping this will be a HINT to Lee to post something new. Perhaps from this month. LOL

Sunday, March 9, 2008

top 5 chase scenes

Last night Eric and I saw the Bourne movies again. What a great series of movies if you haven't seen them. Well, anyway we got to talking and I asked him what his top 5 chase scenes were. Here is our list.
Honorable mention: Indian Jones and the Last Crusade. Scene: Indy and dad on the motorcycle.
A great scene with good interaction between Harrison and Connery. Always a cleaver idea to use a road blocking stick as a lance. LOL

Honorable mention: Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies. Scene: Michelle Yoeh and Perice Bronsen on the motorcycle being chased while being handcuffed together.
I have to say this was cleaver. I loved the way they bickered on the bike as they tried to get into a good spot to drive the bike.

5. Blue Brothers. Scene: end scene being chased by everyone and there brother.
When you can have that many people chasing you its got to be great.

4.Bourne Ultimatum. Scene: foot chase through the roof tops and apartment buildings.
What a great chase scene. Two chases going on at the same time. We have Bourne being chased by the police and Nickles being chased by the "Asset". What a great way to shoot the scene too.

3. Bond Casino Royal. Scene: Chase on foot through the construction zone.
Any scene where two men are chasing each other on a beam that high up in the air has to be great. Not the mention the great foot work were Bond finally catches up with his man.

2.Bourne Supremacy. Scene: Car chase through Russia
I love the chase through Russia. It starts on foot and quickly leads to the cars. I sure would have hated to be the person trapped in the tunnel when those two cam through. Not to mention the poor Russian woman who got her truck stolen by the Russian assassin then smashed into pieces. You know the Russian government isn't going to replace her car.

1. Blues Brothers. Scene: car chase through the mall.
This scene speaks for its self. Who wouldn't want to drive their car through say the gap or Victoria secrete.