Sunday, November 25, 2007

Welcome to Christmas

Thanksgiving is now over and NOW we can start to celebrate Christmas. Pull out the lights and tree with ribbons and bows. Most of all it is time to deal with bad Holiday drivers, rude people trying to get a good deal on a present and yelling at the cashier when it doesn't ring up right, and general douchbaggery. I personally love the Christmas time of the year but I can do without the ill will of most people. Perhaps I like to see acts of kindness for no reason. Perhaps it is what the true idea behind the season is all about. I don't know, but I would like to think that people are still kind for no reason then just be kind. I don't think people are kind anymore. There is a lack of respect for others in general. I hope that whoever reads this post thinks about doing a kind act at least once this season for no personal gain. Give food to a food bank, donate to Coats for kids, or even it is to give a person your parking spot at a store. What ever you do I hope this post has given you a reason to do it. If you do happen to have an act of kindness or you have someone else give you an act of kindness post it here. I would love to hear it. Re-new my faith in this Holiday. If you are one of those who says to hell with other people I have a perfect song for you to listen to.

Friday, November 16, 2007

What happened to Thanksgiving!?

What happened to Thanksgiving? In recent years it seems like Thanksgiving is passed by for instant Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving just gets looked at as a day to eat some turkey and then shop for Christmas. The stores are filled with Christmas stuff already, people have already put up their Christmas decorations, and the thanksgiving decorations have already been marked down to 50% in the stores if you can find them at all. So What happened? Do we not care about Thanksgiving anymore? Should we just forget about this holiday completely?

I Say NO! Fight to keep Thanksgiving alive! A turkey deserves to be cooked and eaten! We need to celebrate the turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole! Most of all we need to come together as a family and remember we all love each other enough to bring food to eat and be thankful for what we have. To give to others who go without and to give without the thought of what is it going to get me. I think Thanksgiving needs to get it's props again. Not just a forgettable holiday anymore. So lets hear it for Thanksgiving! Be thankful for what we all have in our lives!

The Medusa is Victorious!

The Medusa is Victorious! Somewhat. My Hench Woman won the game in the end but, I beat Craig! HUHUH! I got my last phase in Phase 10 before Craig so the Medusa is the Victor! Once again the Medusa beats the Craig. I say bring on the next challenge.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Medusa is coming!

This weekend coming up I will have the pleasure of kicking my friends butts in a game of Phase 10. I guess I should explain myself before I go on. A while back in time my ever so loving husband branded me with the name Medusa. You see, every time we get together with my BFF and Andy to play cards we play Phase 10. My husband seems to think I am a super competitive person when it comes to games. I guess I am because of being an only child. Playing games was a fun time growing up and was only done when the grown-ups were done playing or during holidays. So yea I guess I am a bit competitive. My husband says I have an MO when I play. I say,"Oh woe's is me. I am so behind and will never win. I have a crappy hand." Then I turn around and crush everyone at the table. So he started to call me the Medusa. Even going as far as to imitate the Medusa one night making fun of me. So instead of getting mad or upset about it I have deiced to embrace the title.
So this weekend coming up will be the big test. Will the Medusa win out on the night. It is going to be a big night of card playing. Not only will it be the Medusa and her husband with the BFF and Andy but, it will be Craig and Mandi playing as well. Craig has already told me he will crush the Medusa with the weight of 10,000 waterfalls. Little does he know that waterfalls mean nothing to the Medusa. Only pain and crying from her opponents. Together with her HenchWoman, Craig will be crushed like 10,000 grapes being pressed and stomped on by fat Italian women to make wine. He shall be nothing but a husk like the grapes left over from wine making.
May the Medusa Turn him to stone!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A sad day for a lovely gown

Its a sad day for this costumer. I recently got an IM from a customer of mine who bought many things over the past 2 years. She told me that the dress above the kirtle with hells gate gown, was the only thing to survive a fire she had in her home. Unfortunately, the dress below, the Tudor gown, was lost to the fire. The dress below took many hours to make since I put the pearls on by hand one by one. Very sad. So here is a moment of silence for the dress that was lost.