Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My little girls matching dress

I am so excited! The family and some friends are going to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire on July 20th and this will be the first time Sara will be dressed up. So of course I had to make her a matching outfit. I know, perhaps overkill, but I think she will look super cute. Not only that but, I can use the dress as a display gown to go with mine when I sell at my booth. I even made her a cute little coif to go with the dress. The only thing that is different is the trim on the dress. Mainly because I couldn't find the one that is on my dress. I think it might be discontinued. :-( The one on her dress does seem to pop. As for the partalet that is under my dress, I think I might put a short sleeve onsie on Sara so it fits a bit better on her. I will need to experiment a little to see what works. I can't wait to take pictures of her in the outfit. I just hope it isn't going to be to hot to wear the dresses.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

One of my favs! A Renaissance Jester costume!

This is one of my favorite men's Renaissance outfit I have made. I wanted to make a Jester's outfit as soon as I saw this fabric. I cut the fabric on the bias to get the diamond shape with the squares. Once I had that done it was all about sewing the bells on ribbons onto the doublet and pumpkin pants. Of course I couldn't stop there, I made a Jester hat with bells too. With the help of some lovely ladies from a sewing group I belong to I got the porcelain doll head and started the make the Jester's wand. I dressed the wand jester just like the costume. You can see the wand below. I ended up selling the outfit on Ebay. The man in the pictures very graciously to let me use these pictures. It is always so nice to see your work in action. He ended up selling the outfit himself when he changed persona's. So where ever this outfit is I hope it is getting a lot of use.

The Ped Egg ROCKS!

This handy little thing is a Ped Egg. It is awesome! I got mine a few days ago and finally used it last night. My feet look and feel great. I highly recommend it to anyone who has bad calluses on their feet. For me this comes around every spring when my feet get to breath in sandals again. For me the pumas stones never really worked. So when I would get out the shower I would...bare with me here.... take my thumb nail and scrap the dead skin off. I know it sounds gross but that is what I did. Even then they still looked like crap. I have tried creams with no help, a pedicure by a professional with no help, and a pumas stone on a stick with no help. So I saw this Ped Egg on TV and thought, "I wonder if it really works?" I have seen things on TV for sale and thought, "right, that doesn't work or it isn't worth the money." Then I got a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and thought, "Lets give it a try. If it doesn't work then I am only out $5.00." So I asked the girl behind the counter if she heard about these and if they work and she told me, "We sell a ton of these things. Women come in and buy one for themselves and then come back to get them as gifts." A glowing review and I have to admit I totally agree with them. My feet look lovely. The only complaint I have is that not all the shaved skin gets caught in the egg. Most of it does. So I would do this over a small trash can just in case of fall out. So my lady friends guess what you might be getting as a gift... a Ped Egg!