Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally some change!



Mike said...

Very interesting. you and so many others, have no concern with the murders, killers, thugs, thief's he has associated with all his life. His voting history confirms where his bed lays.

I'm from Chicago and I would not give 2 cents for a man of his back ground.

I have reached into my pocket and given more to the black, white, Mexican, Asian then he will ever give.

For 20 years he went to church and his pastor preached hate, I guess you and the rest have no problem with that also.

His aunt lives as illegal welfare on east coast. I would think he would get her legal and provide her with a little assistance (kin folk).

Won't happen, 1 way street.

Don't bet his grand mother died of natural causes (his group does not need his grand mother saying once again, he was born in Kenya, to reporter.

You had a slick sales man sell you a empty bag of goods and promises.

Nothing more.

So enjoy your happiness while it lasts.

Ann T Quittys thoughts said...

Much like the thief and his friends that are in the white house for the past 8 years. Might I remind you sir that bush and Rove sold everyone a bill of goods in "fear". This whole country bought it hook line and sinker in "04". Time and Time again the bush republican party have shown they are crooks.
I am sure you didn't vote for Obama. In this country you have a right not to. However, I am happy that I did vote for him. I hope and pray that his admin. can do something for the people of this country rather then scare us into a war and ignore the people in this country.
One thing his election has brought to people is a renewal of hope that we haven't had in a long, long, time. For that I hope he does a great job and proves all those people who didn't vote for him aka, you sir, wrong. Then again many of you still wont give him the credit for doing a great job if and when he does.

Lester Suppes said...

Who the hell is Mike, and does he know how stupid he sounds?


Ann T Quittys thoughts said...

He is some guy who went through blogs that night to see if anyone had comments and do mass listings on their blogs. I don't know this person. He is welcome to his ideas. That is what this country is founded on. I however totally and completely disagree with him. I have a right to that as well. Besides you can't stop people from being or sounding stupid. Just look at the current president.